Proud Mary keep on Burning.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally starting to turn the wheel on our musical endeavours. 

In two weeks time, the band will pack what equipment we can onto our Jet star flights, crossing our fingers that we wont be delayed, and praying to the big G that we haven't forgotten anything..! 

We will make our way down to the majestic waters of the beautiful Lyttleton Harbour, where we will begin our recording journey, for our NZ On Air funded single and video "Pursed Lips".  As I check my pockets with what little money whistles around in its bare emptiness, I can't help but smile at what adventures are to be had, from that fact. The christening of life's many milestones, come from the challenges you face on the road.  They make the memories, and sometimes they most certainly kick your ass.

Thinking back to our last meeting with Lyttleton, I'm reminded of the spirit and kindness that radiated and warmed our hearts. Those fine folk that helped us on our way when we were met at the bar doors of un-booked shows. Being housed and fed venison burgers from a local poet and comedian, hours of burning pine cones to stay warm, and those winter whiskey nights down at Wunderbar, after a day of busking. They are the memories  that burn my soul with goodness each time I think of Lyttleton! 

This time the journey's going to be a little different, with 4 boys in tow, plus one camp mother. I'm unsure of the adventures or trials and tribulations that we will face with recording. But I do know one thing... 

It will most certainly be worth it.