Dig the Dream

Through numerous, crazy ideas or visions that you have as a musician, sometimes you hit it right. Then as only fool's can dream, you're back at the beginning of the ladder, except with your pinky on the rung above.  I'll admit, digging the dream seems a lot easier in your head. Moving the dream forward to make magic, takes a lot of failed attempts, angry bitch fights and some confused fans. Luckily, when you get kicked in the ass, you can't help but get a fire in your belly to turn around and say , "fuck you" . Then it begins again.. and there my friends is where the magic flourishes. 

One afternoon when I was home with my crazy but supportive friend Hazel, there came the idea to build my own venue on the family farm. Mum and my older brother were somewhere in the colourful land of India, the other brother building in the cold depths of London. I knew this was my opportunity to make something huge, where I couldn't be refused the idea, only encouraged. I had 2 weeks, an army of legendary friends and some sun to help us on our way.

Hit fast forward, and here's what  you have

  • A clean piece of land once over grown with pot plants.
  • Hand dug hole, with a crane lifted 8m tall post.
  • Scaffolded stage.
  • An old anz billboard for the roof.
  • The old Mitre10 sausage sizzle stand as the mixing booth. 
  • Tired delivery truck as a canvas to project onto
  • Some tired, hardworking friends.


With the arrival of my shocked but yet supportive mother, we had a video release party that was about to take place in 2 days time. This meant shifting our asses into gear and getting everything we needed to host a successful gig. With little money in our pockets we were met with the kindness from others! We had a fancy portaloo donated to the night, a free Keg from our amazing friends and use of an amazing PA from Kaipara College to power the band. We were pretty overwhelmed. 

Now we all know that Murphy loves being prompt, so like all blissful weather does, it sometimes takes a turn for the worst. Thunderstorm worst. With the rain and lighting impeding, and swarm of legendary fans arriving, We somehow managed to hit our selves with one of the most chaotic and memorable nights that we've ever played. 

All in all.. This night would never have been if we hadn't had help from our comrades, the support we see from our pals can't be beaten, they help to ignite the dream!  We've never really had such an opportunity to write about the adventures that occurred to create that night. It's always been one we've wanted to share.

So friends, dig the dream, always be thankful, work your ass off and see what it does for ya. We're still climbing the ladder but we're having ourselves one hell of a ride. - MILLY XX